2019 Roadmap

A look into the future. Milestones are not stated at all. It is a rough view into 2019, but we would like to show you what is in our pocket. Changes can occur based on clients customizing or upcoming new tasks according to Laravel or PHP software-updates.

  • 2019 January

    Individual Output-Container

    Excel-based Output-Containers: Backend-Feature to create own excel-sheets

  • 2019 February


    Advanced Workflows for products

    2019 February

  • 2019 March


    Integration of textengine.io as an option

  • 2019 April

    Related Filter

    Automatic filter management based on current input

    2019 April

  • 2019 Mai


    Design-Update und Informations-Architektur

  • 2019 June


    Build favorites of meta-data and assign them as a batch to products

    2019 June

  • 2019 July

    Related Products

    Related Products: Copy all relevant meta-data to DYNAMIC DAM®

  • 2019 August


    Performance-Update for bigger installations

    2019 August

  • 2019 September


    Load-intensive processes will be transferred to separate instances

  • 2019 October

    Global Dashboard

    Dashboard-Solution for global instances, access for country clients from one central source

    2019 October

  • 2019 November


    Individual client solution made optional in system

  • 2019 December


    Optional Burger-Bar-Navigation

    2019 December

If you have a feature idea, tell it to us. We appreciate to dig into it and decide if we will place it in our development timeline. If we are convinced we can talk about how to build it up with cost sharing. Talk to us.